About Us

'Committed to develop innovative solutions for treatment of bone cancer'.​

We are Moroxite T

Moroxite T is a lifescience company with focus on hindering tumor progression and impeding metastasis. Our novelty lies in a protected carrier platform for cancer therapy using hydroxyapatite for local drug delivery. In Moroxite T, we are committed to developing innovative targeted oncological treatment. 

Moroxite T’s proprietary technology platform is well-protected by patent and pending patent applications.

Our Board

Lars Lidgren


Lidgren is M.D. , PhD and a senior Professor at the internationally renowned Department of Orthopaedics, Clinical Sciences Lund, Sweden, and a Honorary Professor at Copenhagen University.  He is also a serial entrepreneur who has founded listed medtech and healthcare companies like Bonesupport, Scandimed (Biomet) and Safeture.

Semmy Rülf

Board member

Rülf has extensive  experience from Medtech and IT Industry. As a CEO, he built up the successful IT company Axis Communications and Medtech company ProstaLund. He was Regional Director at VisitSweden in London.  Board member in Qlictech and Safeture. Chaired many successful companies in the Life Science field like BoneSupport, Dignitana, Vitrolife, Xvivoperfusion, Jolife. Currently Chairman for Moroxite F, UGLK and UGLL  and Senior Advisor at Igelösa Life Science.

Fredrik Lindberg

Board member

Lindberg is an MD, PhD and has previously held positions as the Department Head at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Lund University Hospital, Nordic Medical Director at Searle Pharmaceuticals, Co-founder and CEO of BoneSupport AB and CEO of Enzymatica AB. Fredrik is currently the CEO of AGB-Pharma AB.

Jacob Engellau

Board member

Engellau is an MD, PhD, and an associate clinical professor at the Department of Oncology, Lund University. He has extensive experience of bone-and soft tissue tumor treatment and developed a system for prognostication of soft tissue sarcomas. He has also experience in the biotech industry and previously for 8 years been a board member of Genovis AB.

Mathias Lidgren

Board member

Lidgren is a BSBA, MA, MB BChir, PhD and is presently working as a clinical geneticist at the Department of Clinical Genetics, Region Skåne. He has previously held positions as Registrar at Department of Oncology in Lund, Clinical Genetics, Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg and Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, Geneva, Switzerland. Mathias is on the board of Strominnate Therapeutics AB.


Ludvig Sjöberg

Chief Executive Officer

Ludvig Sjöberg has 10+ years of experience in the life science industry working both in commercial and R&D phase companies. He comes most recently from the position as CEO of a company developing a class III medical device within organ transplantation. Before that he has work with Igelösa Life Science and Vivoline Medical among others. He brings knowledge within business development, management, and collaboration between academia, industry, and clinic. 

Ludvig holds a B.Sc. Mechanical and Material Engineering degree with additional studies relevant in management and business.

Mathias Lidgren

Chief Medical Officer

With an international medical career spanning over 10+ years, Mathias has worked as a doctor in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Sweden. He is a board-certified consultant in clinical genetics and has also worked as a registrar at in Oncology at both Skåne University Hospitals, Lund as well as Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge UK.

Mathias holds a medical degree from the University of Cambridge and has a PhD in health economics from Karolinska Institute.

Åke Knutsson

Chief Financial Officer

Åke Knutsson, MBA, has extensive experience as CEO and CFO in companies like Biomet Cementing Technologies, A Clean Partner International, Prestando Group, Safeture and Curando Nordic. Several of these are global and listed companies.

Carin Thorell

Head Quality Management and Regulatory Affairs

Carin brings more than 40 years of  life science experience from global Health Care and Medical Device Industry with solid leadership and management experience, specializing in global quality and regulatory compliance for medical devices and combination products. She has worked in companies as Gambro AB and Bonesupport AB, and is also acting as an independent consultant in regulatory and quality areas. 

Carin holds a MS in Chemical Engineering from Lund University.

Linda Andersson

Director Manufacturing & Supply

Linda is an experienced professional with over 18 years of experience in R&D, Production and Product Development. Before joining Moroxite T, Linda made significant contributions to listed companies like Genovis AB and GE Healthcare. In her previous role as Vice President Production, Linda showcased her ability to manage the production and quality control teams and contribute significantly to product development in a production environment. Linda has a M. Sc in Chemistry from Lund University.

Anna Szilágyi

Director Design & Development

Anna is a highly skilled Research and Development professional with an extensive experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. Before joining Moroxite T, Anna was the Product and Process Support Manager at the listed company Immunovia AB. She has also held positions at Johnson & Johnson, Baxter International and Gambro AB further honing her expertise in the field.

Anna has a Ph.D. in Biochemistry from Lund University.

Deepak Raina

Chief Technical Officer

Deepak has ongoing research at Lund University in biomaterials, targeted drug delivery in cancers, infection and bone healing He has published numerous works in esteemed scientific journals. He received multiple nominations for the New Investigator Recognition Award from the Orthopedic Research Society. In 2022, Deepak was one of the finalists in promising entrepreneurs in Southern Sweden.  

Deepak has a Ph.D. from the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University.

Apurva Kaul


Apurva has over 10 years of experience within marketing, talent, client servicing, business development. Her last position was as a General Manager, Marketing in a sports management company based in India and as a senior project manager for a non-profit organization.

Apurva has MBA degree from University of Mumbai, India.